• there is no way around wisdom

    only with a sapient population
    can there be a life supporting planetary environment
    for the next hundred million years to come

    therefore every one
    has to be living a responsible life

    there can be not one citizen any where
    wasting any thing or he has to be held responsible
    so he as well be living a responsible life


  • any language will be accepted here in
    if you want to have your prefered opened
    here in or on a special forum
    let us know


    right now
    there is as well the forum sapiens global
    now starting


    being there for the realization of authentic human rights
    first in federal republic >>>

    because there is the most advanced constitution available
    but of cource not realized

    and as soon as this is acomplished
    we can be talking in the united nations
    about having such all over this planet

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